The tournament in Latrobe was amazing, fun and intense. Over three days all dogs competed in ten games and courses, accumulating points for placement against the field; game, by game.

The final round was Jumpers, a fast and only slightly technical romp to determine the field of winners.

The final 40 dogs were placed by tournament rules. The winner of each jump height earned the Teacup National Agility Champion (TNAC) title.

Eastern Region Petit Prix ~ Top 40

Place Score
Breed Registered Owner
1 4 Otto Miniature Dachshund Emily Blom TNAC
2 4 Grace Yorkshire Terrier Georgette Burritt
3 4 Nicki dachshund Debra Canak
4 4 Daisy Chihuahua Heidi Savko
5 4 Cooper dachshund Debra Canak
1 8 Tiffany Miniature Schnauzer April Johnson-Mozzetti TNAC
2 8 Petee Papillon Vickie Tillman
3 8 Coco Chanel Cavalier King Charles Stephanie Niemiec
4 8 Hazard Shetland Sheepdog Marsha Houston
5 8 Haylee Miniature Poodle Vickie Tillman
6 8 Wynne Pembroke Welsh Corgi John Finley
7 8 Dexter Yorkshire Terrier Darlene Schmucker
8 8 Jasper Chinese Crested Susan Eisenson
9 8 Nikkey Havanese Ronald Cooley
10 8 Charm Shetland Sheepdog Carol DeMoss
8 Gonzo Chihuahua Brenda Landis
8 Sadie Maltese Emil Pohodich
8 Lexi Toy Poodle Barb Pohodich
8 Coda Havanese Cheryl Ross
8 Annie Yorkshire Terrier Ted Schuld
8 Homey Toy Poodle Ruth Stewart
8 McCorkle Scottish Terrier Melinda Mull
8 Chessie Papillon Charlotte Garsteck
8 Asti Bichon Frise Linda Schwartz
8 Tessie Chinese Crested Susan Eisenson
8 P’Nut Papillon Jeanne Henry
1 12 Trudy Miniature Schnauzer April Johnson-Mozzetti TNAC
2 12 Ebby Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mark Wittig
3 12 Chloe All American Lisa Schwellinger
4 12 Tammy Miniature Schnauzer April Johnson-Mozzetti
5 12 Sancho Papillon Mark Siemonsma
6 12 Edan Shetland Sheepdog Sheri R Rockhill
7 12 Electra Shetland Sheepdog Joyce Cummings
8 12 Rocky Miniature Poodle Blanche Schuld
9 12 Becky Jack Russell Terrier John Poccynek
10 12 Gidget Miniature Schnauzer Mary Bartosh
12 Heidi Shetland Sheepdog Linda and Chuck Bowman
12 Willow Papillon Judy Siemonsma
12 Scooter All American Cindy Wilmoth
1 16 Blu Australian Shepherd Sarah Capozzoli TNAC

Thanks to Splash ‘n Dash K9 Sports, Keystone Canine Training Club, and B&D Creekside Activity Center for their hospitality. Everything was top notch.