The TDAA’s National Tournament ~ The Petit Prix is designed to provide a championship format suitable for dogs of small stature. Beyond that obvious notion, the Petit Prix is a unique and fresh approach to a championship tournament for the sport of dog agility.

The ten rounds of competition typically include only three standard courses and seven games. An amazing variety of games are played in the TDAA. This feature has developed the enthusiasts of the TDAA brand into the finest dog agility games players in the sport of dog agility.

The Petit Prix is a showcase for the finest small dog agility athletes. The tournament is unique in the agility world. No dog is eliminated for one small misstep. So a dog may start off slowly and still climb to the top with consistent performance. There is no round where dogs are dismissed and must go home. Everybody gets to play to the very end.

These tournaments are amazing fun.

A Page of History

There’s still opportunity to register your dog for the TDAA 2014 Petit Prix.  Follow the link below to download the premium.


Oct  17 – 18 – 19 , 2014   TDAA Eastern Petit Prix  T14999
B&D Creekside Activity Center
Latrobe, PA
Judges:  Dave Almasy and Darla Annonio
Contact:  Jill Almasy
Indoors on field turf.  Three standard rounds and seven games, featuring Run ’til You Drop as the Finals game.


National Champions

The Teacup Dogs Agility Association awards the TDAA National Agility Championship Title (TNAC) upon any dog that: 1) achieves the highest overall score in each jump height at the TDAA Petit Prix, and 2) scores among the top 25 dogs in the tournament.


This is a unique title in our agility culture as it is a championship earned by excellence in competition; specifically, by an unambiguous win in the national tournament.

The four TNAC title winners from the 2013 Petit Prix were:

4″ Star Rainbow’s Dazzling Star a Miniature Dachshund handled by Sally Murray
8″ Tiffany Lynn Trinity a Miniature Schnauzer handled by April Johnson-Mozzetti
12″ Trudy Lynn Trinity a Miniature Schnauzer handled by April Johnson-Mozzetti
16″ Kya Red-Dawn Kyanite a Border Collie handled by Karen Rose Cercone

Qualification Notes

All dogs, without regard to competition level, or titles earned, compete on the same courses. All games and courses are eligible for dogs to earn qualifying legs towards TDAA titles. Standard courses are judged under the TDAA Superior rules. Games are judged under TDAA Games III rules. However, the dog earns a qualifying score only at the level for which he is eligible.

Watch This Space!

For the next several days we will be providing an exhibitors analysis of the game scheduled for play at the TDAA 2014 Petit Prix. These Analyses are must read for the canny TDAA competitor!

Please note that prior to the Petit Prix we will hold the traditional Warm-up Workshop in which we get to both discuss and practice the games of the Petit Prix. The workshop is a live trial. Dogs can earn qualifying scores toward TDAA titles.

Oct  15 – 16 , 2014   TDAA Petit Prix Warm-Up Workshops  T14997
B&D Creekside Activity Center
Latrobe, PA
Presenter:  Bud Houston
Contact:   Marsha Houston at
Indoors on field turf.  Classes and games identical to the Petit Prix.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Visit the web store at: Please note that the web store carries The Book of Agility Games. This is an important reference for any club who plays the variety of games that we play in the TDAA.