The cumulative results through Round 8: 2014 Petit Prix Scoring Rnd 8


Lucky 13



The objective of Lucky 13 is to collect as many points as possible while correctly performing a total of 13 obstacles (no more and no less).

On the course map the number next to the obstacle is its’ value. An obstacle with a single number is bidirectional. An obstacle with numbers on either side may be taken in both directions for the numbered value. Each number can be performed only once.

Course time is 50 seconds for big dogs and 55 for small dogs. Time begins at the start line and finishes at the table. The table is live after the dog has scored 1 point.

Key points

Each bi-directional obstacle may be done once in each direction for points. Each directional obstacle correctly will count as one of the 13 obstacles.

Repeated obstacles will not count for the obstacle count or assigned points

A faulted obstacle is included in the count of 13 obstacles but will receive no points.

Scoring and Qualifying

Lucky 13 is scored points, less faults, then time.

  • Games 1 needs 102 points
  • Games II needs 128 points
  • Games III needs 154 points







The objective of Gamblers is for the dog and handler team to accumulate as many points as possible in the allotted time and then to perform a designated gamble.

Gamblers is a two-part game: the opening point-accumulation period and the gamble period. Time starts when the dog attempts the start jump in either direction.

12″ and 16″ dogs have 25 seconds in the opening and 16 seconds for the gamble.
4″ and 8″ dogs have 28 seconds in the opening and 18 seconds for the gamble.

Obstacle Values:

  • Jumps – 1 point;
  • Tunnel/Tire/Chute – 2 points;
  • Weaves, Teeter, A‑Frame – 3 points; Dog Walk – 5 points.
  • A successful gamble will earn 25 points.

Obstacles can be taken only twice for points.  Back-to-back performances are permitted.

If a gamble jump is taken during the opening point-accumulation period and the bar is dropped, this bar is not reset, and the gamble is negated.


Gamblers is scored Points, Then Time.


A dog must score a minimum of 13 points in the opening and successfully perform the gamble to qualify.