Almost done…here are the results through Round 9: 2014 Petit Prix Scoring Rnd 9

The round 9 course/game follows.

Pinball Wizard



The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible within course time: 50 seconds for 12/16; 55 seconds for 4/8.

The start obstacle is the dogwalk (either direction). After completing the start obstacle, the team will continue to accumulate points by performing obstacles of the handler’s choosing. Obstacles may be completed only twice for points. No obstacle may be taken back-to-back.

Obstacle values: Jumps 1 pt; tire, chute, weaves, and tunnel (other than a Bonus) 3 pts; Contacts 5 pts.

Once the start obstacle has been completed without fault the trigger obstacles become active. The designated jumps are the triggers. To earn the bonus (triple all points) the dog must take the trigger and perform the bonus obstacle. Both are bidirectional. The bonus may be earned three times during play.

To re-activate the triggers after completing the bonus, at least one point must be earned. At the whistle the dog should be directed to the table to stop time.

On any fault the triggers become dormant and can only be reactivated when the dog again completes the start obstacle.

Aside from routine performance faults, the dog will also be faulted for taking a bonus obstacle without taking the trigger; taking an obstacle between the trigger and the bonus (including back-jumping the trigger).

If a trigger bar is knocked, that trigger is out of play for the rest of the game. The remaining trigger may still be used.

Scoring and Qualification

The table is live throughout play. If the dog touches the table it is a tilt and play ends.

To qualify: 50 points for Games 1; 100 points for Games II; 150 points for Games III.