Final Results after Round 10, Run ’til You Drop: 2014 Petit Prix Scoring FINAL

Run ‘til You Drop



The objective of Run ‘til You Drop is to accumulate as many points as possible, within the allotted time, and finish on the teeter before time expires.

Time starts when the dog crosses the start line. Time ends when the dog performs the teeter. If the teeter is performed before the horn sounds then the dog’s points are doubled.  The teeter must be the last obstacle performed.  There is no penalty for going over time other than the doubling bonus cannot be earned.

Big Dogs (12″ – 16″) have 30 seconds; Small Dogs (2″ – 8″) have 33 seconds.

  • Obstacle Point Values are:
    Jumps – 1 point;
  • Tunnels/Tire – 2 points;
  • Weaves and A-frame – 3 points;
  • Teeter – 0 points

All obstacles can be taken only twice successfully for points.  If a bar is dropped during the run, the jump is out of play.

The teeter is live at all times, and will count as the last obstacle if the dog commits to it with all four paws. Time stops when the teeter plank touches the ground.

Scoring and Qualification

Run Til You Drop is scored Points, Then Time.

A dog qualifies scoring a minimum of 28 pts.