We continue with an advanced look at the Games of the Petit Prix in anticipation of the 2017 Petit Prix: June 23 –25 in Farmington, UT.


Jun  23 – 24 – 25 , 2017  Western Petit Prix   Trial Number T17999 Hosted by Beehive Small Dog Agility Club Farmington, UT Judges:  Mike McCoy and Natalie Russell Contact:  Penny  Flake at <paflake50@gmail.com> Three standard classes and 7  games. Premium

Today we’ll take a quick look at the game Puppy Cannon.

Puppy Cannon



The objective of Puppy Cannon is for the dog to run the three numbered sequences shown on the course map. The sequences can be taken in any order. The dog starts on the table and must begin with the two pipe tunnels (the Puppy Cannon) before the performance of each of the three sequences. On this course all sequences are bi-directional

After the final sequence the dog can go directly to the table to stop time or transition through the pipe tunnels (without a wrong course penalty) to get to the table.

Time begins when the dog leaves the table and ends when the dog returns to the table after the performance of all three sequences. Should the dog go to the table before all three sequences are complete the performance shall incur a wrong course fault.


Scoring for Puppy Cannon is Time, Plus Faults. The dog with the lowest score wins. Qualifying course time will be determined by wheeled measurement.

A Note about course design

The whole idea of the “puppy cannon” is that the dog is fired from the tunnel like a projectile. Consequently whatever is framed to the dog during the performance of the pipe tunnel becomes a logical target for the dog’s attention.

With that in mind the design of a Puppy Cannon course will frame either end of the tunnel (or tunnels) with a wrong course option. That means that the game is truly a test of redirecting the dog on the dismount of the tunnel (Cannon).

Strategy ~ A statement of the obvious?

In our sample course the judge has allowed that all sequences are bidirectional. The savvy handler will carefully choose the order of performance in a way that will allow the handler to be in position to redirect the dog on the dismount of the tunnel cannons.

Note that in the sample course the counter-side pipe tunnel at black-circled #2 will also have to be counter-side if the sequence is taken in reverse order.

In the two tunnel variation the handler may step between the two pipe tunnels to change sides to the dog. The handler should exercise caution when stepping in front of a loaded cannon.


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