The objective of Just in Time is to score as many points as possible until time expires. Finishing within two seconds over time is rewarded with a fabulous bonus and heaps of glory. On the other hand, finishing under time earns the dog no bonus, and likely an ignominious placement.

Just in Time is a dog’s choice game in which the handler is challenged to make an estimate of how much work the dog can do in the allotted time.


Obstacles can be performed only twice for points. Back-to-back performances are permitted.

Time ends on the table. The table becomes live after the dog has earned at least one point (the Mr. Banks rule).


Just in Time is scored Points, Then Time.

The points system is 1-3-5.

  • Jumps are worth 1 point
  • Tunnels and the tire are worth 3 points
  • The A-frame and weave poles are worth 5 points.
  • 4″ and 8″ dogs will have 33 seconds; 12″ and 16″ will have 30 seconds.

The dog will earn a time bonus for getting to the table or finish line after the end of the point-accumulation period.

  • Less than 2 seconds earns 30 bonus points
  • Less than 4 seconds earns 20 bonus points
  • Less than 6 seconds earns 10 bonus points

Unproductive loitering near the table is not permitted and shall result in loss of time bonus points.


  1. If you have work to do in the back of the ring, you should do that work early, saving the front of the ring for the closing so that your dog can be near to the table when time expires.
  2. Identify the high value obstacles on course and make a plan to do each of them twice. Back-to-back performance of obstacles is allowed and might be used with the high value obstacles.
  3. If there is an obstacle on the course that your dog is struggling with, maybe you would do well to avoid going anywhere near it.
  4. Find a smooth and flowing path for your dog so that you can work at your best speed. Avoid choppy and unnecessary turning and handling.
  5. Prepare for this game ahead of time. While you are at practice, pace off sequences to measure distance, and then time your dog on those sequences. Take note of how contact obstacles and the weave poles affect your dog’s rate of travel.


Early Bird Reminder

Entries Postmarked by 7/13/18 get a nice discount. Refer to the Petit Prix premium for details:

Oct  5 – 6 – 7 , 2018   TDAA PETIT PRIX  Trial number T18999
at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Ctr
Washingtonville, OH
Judges:  Sheri Rockhill, Pittsburgh, PA,  and Christina Wakefield, Louisville, KY
Contact:  Marsha Houston at
Indoors on padded turf, TDAA-sized equipment, 10 runs for all + final round.




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