The Steeplechase is an iconic game in dog agility. In the TDAA we recognize the course design guidelines and base performance rules as the game is played in the USDAA. The AKC’s Time to Beat is an imitation of the Steeplechase and bears some of the same characteristics.

In the USDAA the Steeplechase is run as two rounds and has the flavor of a tournament game. In the TDAA we content ourselves with a single round.


In the Steeplechase there will be no refusals. Or, at any rate, they will not be faulted. The scoring basis shall be Time, Plus Faults rather than Faults, Then Time as in a Standard class.

Course design requires the A-frame and the weave poles, one of which must be performed twice.

A Steeplechase course should be designed to be fast, rather than technical. A well-designed course should be a complete “ripper” that allows both dog and handler to let it all out and run like the wind.

With the dog working at full extension even modest wrong course options will test the handler to keep the dog’s nose pointed to the course.

Tournament Note

The Steeplechase is the second game of the Petit Prix Tournament. The Tournament was started with Just in Time ( But after the Steeplechase every handler will see his or her dogs in the “accumulator” score-sheet in which the first two games are combined into a score based on Performance Points.

The third and fourth events of the Tournament will be Standard courses.

Everyone will begin calculating whether they will be defending a high score, or scratching and clawing to improve their standing.

Early Bird Reminder

Entries Postmarked by 7/13/18 get a nice discount. Refer to the Petit Prix premium for details:

Oct  5 – 6 – 7 , 2018   TDAA PETIT PRIX  Trial number T18999
at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Ctr
Washingtonville, OH
Judges:  Sheri Rockhill, Pittsburgh, PA,  and Christina Wakefield, Louisville, KY
Contact:  Marsha Houston at
Indoors on padded turf, TDAA-sized equipment, 10 runs for all + final round.




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