Hairy Pawter’s Quidditch is the invention of Becky Dean and Jean MacKenzie. The game was played for the first time at Dogwood Training Center in Ostrander, Ohio.



The objective of Quidditch is to perform three sequences and attempt to earn a bonus (the Beater) after each. The point values for each of the sequences are 15, 20, and 25 points respectively. Each sequence can be successfully completed only once. The sequences can be taken in any order.

Big dogs will have 50 seconds; small dog 55 seconds to play.

In case of a fault the team can immediately reattempt the same sequence or move to another sequence.

The three individual sequences can be successfully completed only once. Reattempting a sequence will not earn additional points.

  • Slytherin 15 points ~ This sequence is “dealer’s choice”. That means the obstacles can be taken in the order and direction of the handler’s choosing.
  • Hufflepuff 20 points ~ This sequence is bi-directional. It may be taken as numbered, or in reverse.
  • Gryffindor 25 points ~ This sequence is bi-directional. It may be taken as numbered, or in reverse.

When time expires no new points can be earned.

The Beater

Upon the successful completion of a sequence the team will have the opportunity to earn bonus points for a successful performance of a tire; the Beater bonus, for which the team will earn an additional 25 points

Refusals will be faulted on the beater (the  tire). The inital direction of the dog’s approach to the tire may define the run-out plane of the obstacle for the purpose of judging refusals. If a dog commits a refusal on the tire, the Beater bonus is lost.

After attempting the Beater bonus the team should attempt another sequence. Faulting the Beater does not fault the sequence prior to the attempt.

The Bludgers Rule

  1. A Bludger (wrong course obstacle) performed during the performance of an individual sequence shall result in a sequence fault. No points are earned for the performance of any individual obstacle unless the sequence is not completed due to expiration of time.
  2. Performance of a Bludger after the successful completion of a sequence on the way to the Beater (tire) shall be considered a fault of the Beater. The ability for the team to earn the Beater bonus is lost. The team should proceed to the next sequence, or to the table if appropriate.
  3. If the wrong course occurs: Bludgers (wrong courses) shall not be faulted: between the starting line and the first obstacle of a numbered sequence; between the Beater and the first obstacle of a numbered sequence; between the Beater and the table (to stop time).
  4. No points shall be earned for the performance of any Bludger.

The Keeper

If the team completes each of the three sequences, they will earn a ‘Keeper’ bonus of 50 points in addition to the points of the individual sequences. Note: the Keeper bonus is based on the three sequences alone and is not influenced by success on attempts to earn Beater bonuses.

The Golden Snitch

If a team successfully completes all three sequences, earns all three 25 point Beater bonuses, and touches the table prior to the expiration of time, the team will earn the Golden Snitch bonus of 75 points.


Quidditch is scored points then time. The dog with the most points wins. In the case of a tie, the dog with the shortest time will be the winner.

A perfect score requires completion of all three sequences and successful performance of the Beater bonus. The scoring notation would look like this: 15-25-20-25-25-25-50-75.

Qualifying and Titles

Qualifying points required by level shall be:

  • Games I: 110 points
  • Games II: 135 points
  • Games III: 160 points


The Warm-Up Workshop

Consistent with tradition, we set aside two days before the Petit Prix for the warm-up workshop, lead by Bud Houston. The workshop is provides very detailed and granular analysis of games strategies and strategies for excelling in the Petit Prix tournament.

Only a few working spots remain. This is an opportunity to acclimate a dog to the building and turf and equipment as the Petit Prix. While courses and games in the workshop will be judged using Superior rules for performance, qualifying scores will accorded to a dog at their respective levels.

Oct   3 – 4  , 2018   TDAA PETIT PRIX warm-up workshop  Trial number T18998
at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Ctr
Washingtonville, OH
Workshop presenter:  Bud Houston
Contact:  Marsha Houston at
Working with the Petit Prix site and equipment; the workshop provides a comprehensive discussion of Petit Prix games and strategies. Each morning session includes two games and a standard course; each afternoon session one game and one standard.


Early Bird Reminder

Entries Postmarked by tomorrow 7/14/18 get a $20 discount for each dog. You can download the Petit Prix premium following the link below:

Oct  5 – 6 – 7 , 2018   TDAA PETIT PRIX  Trial number T18999
at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Ctr
Washingtonville, OH
Judges:  Sheri Rockhill, Pittsburgh, PA,  and Christina Wakefield, Louisville, KY
Contact:  Marsha Houston at
Indoors on padded turf, TDAA-sized equipment, 10 runs for all + final round.




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