TDAA PETIT PRIX ~ October 4-6, 2019

Dogs that have not earned a Petit Prix Qualifier are welcome to participate in all classes in the Petit Prix. These dogs will not be eligible for tournament placement but may earn placement ribbons by class and qualifying scores towards the titles for which the dog is eligible.

To Enter your dog without qualification, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Petit Prix Premium here:

  2. Fill it out and send it in with payment. On your cover letter indicate that your dog has not earned a Petit Prix qualifier.

  3. If your dog subsequently qualifies, notify the TDAA promptly with your Qualification Certificate.

Dogs not qualified (DNQ) will not be included in class results throughout the tournament and will not influence the Performance Points earned by all dogs.

The top scoring DNQ dog will be acknowledged at the end of tournament.

“Your relationship with the dog is elemental and fundamental. The dog should be ever treated with kindness and with a generosity of spirit and heart.”  – TDAA founder, Bud Houston