The TDAA is proud to welcome new judges and congratulate existing judges that passed the testing at TDAA Judges Clinic at Rocky Mountain Agility that concluded on August 30, 2020.

Front row – Joanie Epstein, Sheri Rasmussen, Heather Cotterman,
Kathy Engel-Stabler; Back row – Mike McCoy, Ramona Bajorek,
Brenda Douglass, Alison Day

Special thanks to Mike McCoy for his expertise in leading this clinic.

This is a terrific picture, that reminds us of the interesting times in which we live.

Welcome and congratulations to our new judges: Heather Cotterman, Alison Day, and Kathy Engel Stabler.

Congratulations to our recertifying judges for passing the testing and their continued support of the TDAA: Brenda Douglass, Joan Epstein, Ramona Bajorek, and Sheri Rasmussen.


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