The second day of the TDAA Petit Prix has revealed a gritty competition. The TDAA Petit Prix is a unique national tournament. The winners of the tournament are determined by the best cumulative performance over ten rounds. It is a test of skill, composure and consistency.

You can view cumulative tournament results here: Petit Prix Results after 8 rounds.



Jumpers was won by Annabelle, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel run by Stephanie Stempfer with zero faults and (adjusted) time: 18.32 seconds.

You can review the results of the class here: Jumpers Results.

4 Leaf Clover


4 Leaf Clover was won by Wiley, a Shetland Sheepdog run by Paula Higgins. Wiley ran the course in 26.49 seconds, with zero faults, and earned all six bonuses for a final score of -33.51.

You can review the results of the class here: 4 Leaf Clover Results.



Snooker was run in a 4 of 4 red format. The winning dog was Shine, a Shetland Sheepdogrun by Nancy Craig, earning 56 points in 42.51 seconds.

You can review the results of the class here: Snooker Results.

Standard 3


The final standard course of the Petit Prix tournament was won by Ebby, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi run by Mark Wittig. Ebby ran without faults with (adjusted) time of 27.61 seconds.

You can view complete results for this class here: Standard 3 Results.

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