The 2015 TDAA Petit Prix is now in the history books. This has been a great competition and an exciting display of agility skill.

The Petit Prix is a unique championship format. The tournament is won by skill and consistency over ten rounds of play. These include three standard rounds and seven unique games which test a variety of skills.

You can view final tournament results here: Final Results.

A special thanks to our judges who did an outstanding job, Beth Moline from Central Point, OR; and Joan Wieckowski from Grants Pass, OR. A big thank you also to Darlene Schmucker for opening her marvelous facility, B&D Creekside Agility for TDAA completion. And as always, thank you thank you to the many volunteers who made this all possible.

TDAA National Agility Championship Title

The Teacup Dogs Agility Association has awarded the TDAA National Agility Championship Title (TNAC) to four dogs that achieved the highest overall score in each jump height at the 2015 Petit Prix.

We proudly announce ~

Winner of the 4″ division: Hank, a Yorkshire Terrier run by Donni Breaden; scoring 728 tournament points. This was the second TNAC earned by Hank.

Winner of the 8″ division: Chanel, a Cavalier King Charles run by Stephanie Stempfer; scoring 890 tournament points.

Winner of the 12″ division and High in Trial dog: Stitch, a Boston Terrier run by Christina Wakefield; scoring 945 tournament points. This was the second TNAC earned by Stitch.

Winner of the 16″ division: Wiley, a Shetland Sheepdog run by Paula Higgins; scoring 781 tournament points.

Call, Direct and Send


Call, Direct and Send is scored Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonuses.

This game was won by McCorkle, a Scottish Terrier in the 8″ division, handled by Melinda Mull. McCorkle ran the course in a time (adjusted) of 16.34, and earned 15 bonus points; earning a score of 1.34.

You can review the results of the class here: CDS Results.

Helter Skelter


Helter Skelter is scored Faults, Then Time.

The game was won by Kassie, a Shetland Sheepdog run by Darla Annonio. Kassie ran without fault in a time (adjusted) of 16.54.

You can review the results of the class here: Helter Skelter Results.

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