The TDAA effective January 1, 2011 is (was) no longer a 501c(7) not-for-profit organization. We operate under Topdog Agility Players, an Ohio-based LLC.

We have some unfinished business. Approximately $90,000 in assets must be divested to other not-for-profit entities. We would like to find out from our membership to what charitable organizations you would like to see this money donated.

The TDAA will make some donations at the behest of former members of the Board. We will make charitable contributions in the names of these people who’ve given countless hours of work to make the TDAA a viable concern. We urge former Board members to contact us with your dates of service. Charitable contributions will be made in your names based on length of service to the TDAA and to the charitable organization of your choice.

The TDAA also has certain physical assets which will be donated to charitable organizations within reasonable driving/shipping distance from our home office in Waterford, Ohio.

For our members, please send your suggestions for charitable contribution directly to: We will not review public discussion lists to make our decisions.

When we have a specific plan for divesting assets we will publish that plan to our membership.