The Champions’ Vest


We decided this year that the top 40 players at each Petit Prix should win commemorative apparel. We settled on a high-quality fleece vest that is American made. Marsha and I both are huge advocates of buying American products[1] whenever we have the choice.

How the vests will be awarded put us momentarily into a quandary. In the final round of the Petit Prix the top 40 players will be set aside to run last, by jump height, in showcase fashion. The difficulty is that, after the dust settles, it’s possible that the 40 players on the floor will not own the top 40 scores. Remember that this is a new format for the Petit Prix; every player will play every game and earn placement points against the field.

What we’ve decided on is this… the Champions’ Vests will not be given out before the showcase round. They will be given to the top 40 winners after all dogs have run, as part of the awards ceremony.

The vests will be royal blue with this embroidered emblem:

In case you are wondering there will be only one vest to an individual handler, regardless of how many dogs that handler placed in the top 40 dogs.

[1] The cost is maybe four times what we might have done; a lower quality item manufactured by child labor in Malaysia.

TDAA on Facebook!

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I’m pleased to announce that the Teacup Dogs Agility Association now owns a Facebook page! This is a project that has been under development for some time. The purpose of the Facebook page is to provide fans of the TDAA with a sociable community forum (network) to post brags, pictures and news of special interest.

TDAA’s Facebook page will not replace our Yahoo groups, you needn’t be a TDAA member to join, and no one will be connected without setting up a personal Facebook account and requesting to join us on Facebook.

TDAA’s Facebook page is intended to replace the Newsletter for sharing information of broad interest. We’ll have no size limitations; no extreme labor requirements; no printed matter; no postage; and no more submission deadlines.

If you want to celebrate and share your dog’s most recent and magnificent accomplishment (a TACh for example) or stellar video, just post picture or link to video and brag on Facebook.

If you want to remind exhibitors about an upcoming event, or if you want to share group pics from your trials, just post on TDAA’s Facebook page!

To become a fan of TDAA on Facebook follow this link:

I look forward to seeing your contributions to our Facebook community forum!


Bud Houston