By tradition, we will be taking an advanced look at the Games of the Petit Prix in anticipation of the 2017 Petit Prix: June 23 –25 in Farmington, UT.


Jun  23 – 24 – 25 , 2017  Western Petit Prix   Trial Number T17999 Hosted by Beehive Small Dog Agility Club Farmington, UT Judges:  Mike McCoy and Natalie Russell Contact:  Penny  Flake at <> Three standard classes and 7  games. Premium

Today we’ll take a quick look at the game Time to Beat.


Time to Beat is a combination course of Standard and Jumpers (with weaves). The course design should feature challenges appropriate for dogs of any skill level, while encouraging speed and flow. Time to Beat is clearly a knockoff of the USDAA’s Steeplechase. And, in keeping with the USDAA’s vision for the game, refusals will not be faulted in Time to Beat.

Course times are preset for the Time to Beat class. They are as follows for each jump height:

  • 50 seconds for the 12 & 16 inch jump heights
  • 55 seconds for the 4 & 8 inch jump heights


Time to Beat is scored Faults, Then Time.

Course Design


The design of a Time to Beat course should emphasize speed and flow. Turns of 180° should be kept to a minimum; turns of greater than 180° are inappropriate for this game. Technical challenges are modest. The course should not be cluttered with any international-style challenges that encourage handler micro-management of the dog.

The traditional design for the game calls for two technical obstacles, one of which should be repeated. One of the technical obstacles must be the weave poles; the other can be either the A-frame or the teeter.


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